Just Keep Swimming

For many AIG students, stress is a natural challenge.  Am I taking the right course combination?  AP or Dual Enrollment?  Are my grades high enough?  What is my rank?  Do I have enough extracurricular activities to be competitive and “well-rounded?”  And what the heck does “well-rounded” even mean?  How do I balance my time so that I give attention to all that demands it—parents, teachers, coaches, employers, friends, boy/girlfriend, etc.?  How do I pay all the fees on these applications?  How will I finance my college?  What scholarships am I eligible for?  And the list goes on and on, so it’s a natural to expect that our students are stressed.  I wish it wasn’t so; I wish for a simpler time, but it is what it is to be cliched.

Educators can’t remove the stress, but we along with parents are in a position to help students navigate that stress on a daily level.  And it begins with helping our students see that even when they feel overwhelmed, they need to keep swimming.  Starting early with a plan and doing a little bit every day is a great way to mitigate that stress.  Our aim with this blog this year is to provide suggestions for our AIG students and their parents as well as launch dialogue on important topics.  We will feature highlights of the wonderful opportunities and activities our students are having and participating in be it summer or during the school year.  And hopefully, provide a little direction and encouragement for these students to adopt Dory’s advice to Nemo:  Just keep swimming.

Our goal is to help our students enjoy the process as much as the product.  For in the words of Robin S. Sharma,  “Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from a making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that’s left is The Extraordinary.”

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